Biologia Marina Mediterranea is an international journal dealing with all aspects of marine biology. At present only proceedings of workshops and congresses organized by SIBM or synthesis on special subjects are published.  All papers are rigorously peer reviewed by national and international experts.

The Open Journal Biologia Marina Mediterranea, published by the Italian Society for Marine Biology (SIBM), intends to be a focal point for multidisciplinary literature in marine biology, promoting significant contributions of studies in all areas of the marine biological sciences, fisheries, aquaculture and biotechnologies, providing an intellectual platform for international scholars.


Some of the subject areas covered by the journal are:

  • biodiversity
  • botany
  • zoology
  • communities dynamics
  • alien species
  • evolutionary ecology
  • biological oceanography
  • fisheries science
  • molecular biology and genetics
  • microbial ecology
  • population dynamics
  • energy and nutrient flows
  • food web dynamics
  • marine resources and their management
  • population connectivity
  • biogeochemical cycles
  • natural and anthropogenic influences
  • physiological responses
  • ecotoxicology and stress markers
  • behaviour and behavioural ecology
  • larval ecology
  • chemical ecology
  • climate and global change
  • conservation ecology
  • management of the Marine Protected Areas
  • restoration ecology

Editorial Policy


The journal is only published online.


Copyright notice


Ethics and Publication best practice guidelines

Biologia Marina Mediterranea shall evaluate submitted manuscripts exclusively on the basis of their scientific importance and originality, without regard to the Authors’ race, sex, ethnicity, religious and political beliefs.

Biologia Marina Mediterranea expects that Authors follow an ethical behaviour and shall take all reasonable steps to prevent the publication of works developed with unethical intent. Fraudulent results are due to a unethical behaviour and are unacceptable.

Authors must cooperate with the Editor, responding promptly to editor and reviewers requests.

The manuscript should contain sufficient details and references to permit others to replicate the results.

Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes an unethical behaviour and is considered unacceptable. Authors should ensure that they have submitted only original papers. If they have used the work and/or words of others, this has to be appropriately cited. In case of fraudulent publication or plagiarism, Biologia Marina Mediterranea will take all appropriate measures, including a prompt publication of an erratum.

Submission of a manuscript concurrently to more than one journal is unethical behaviour and unacceptable.

In the event of a possible complaint by an author, the Editor-in-Chief will nominate a commission consisting of three members of the Editorial Board to resolve the matter.

Types of contribution